A word to recruiters.

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Having recently accepted a position, I am not currently looking for work. And will be very unlikely to respond to the advances of a recruitment agency. However, if you absolutely must call me, please bear the following in mind -

Due to the large number of calls and emails I receive from recruitment agencies, I'd really appreciate it if all of you would comply with the following  -

Read and understand my current CV. If you do not have one, then request a copy using the 'contact me' feature of my web site. Just because I have clapped eyes on an industrial PLC does not mean I have the desire or experience to be able to program them.

Be aware I am not interested in relocating at this time. I am settled and happy in the North West. However, I am quite happy to homework for a company based outside of a commutable distance.

If you call me, please be aware that I am not likely to be able to talk during the working day - If I am unable to answer the phone, please leave ONE message and I will get back to you, if I am interested, as soon as I am able. Telephoning me multiple times within a short space of time will guarantee your calls are ignored. Additionally, repeatedly calling me and not leaving a message will guarantee your call is ignored.

If you call me and leave a message, please ensure there is sufficent detail in the message for me to decide whether to call back - I have had too many messages along the lines of ' a .net position' with no mention of where the position is, what technologies are required (other than .NET of course!) and how much the position is paying. I neither need nor want to know who your client is at this stage but these are the fundamental details I require. If you call me repeatedly and do not leave a message, I will just ignore every call from your agency. If your call is  not important enough for you to leave a message then I definitely am not interested.

If you email me about a position, please ensure you attach a copy of the job specification. I will not be likely to respond unless this is included. Again, I neither need nor want to know who your client is at this stage.

I am not particularly fussy about the industry I work in, although there are a couple I would really like to avoid. I have no desire to revisit a career in the legal profession and I have no desire to embark on a career with the gambling industry. I have worked in both - the former I have enjoyed immensely but want a change. The latter, I object to on moral grounds.

One last thing - If I am employed (hapily or otherwise) and you suddenly decide to be proactive and call me on a land line at work - dont. This kind of intrusive and unprofessional  behaviour will guarantee that all future communication from your agency will be ignored. If I have not taken your call on my mobile, or have ignored your emails, it is because I have no interest in speaking to you - simple as that. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Steve Spalding.