Why I will never use another american airline again and why some children should be confined to a small cage in the hold.

To whom it may (or more likely does not) concern,
I would be most obliged if you could confirm, that it is your wilful intention to make (or allow to be made) your passengers more uncomfortable than cattle on the way to the slaughterhouse.

Why does your "entertainment" system contain no music (or any discernible entertainment for that matter) and why does the "touch" screen require enough force to cause bodily injury to both the operator and the person unfortunate enough to be sitting on the other side in order to elicit any kind of response from it?

I recently occupied a seat in your "economy plus" section of one of your 755-200 aircraft. I'm terribly sorry, but I fail to see anything whatever that could have been described as a plus, other than of course, the large and noisy nursery that was sat behind me. On account of their (or more likely their parents') inability to leave the windows alone, I was unable to enjoy the in flight entertainment, or for that matter get the slightest bit of rest - I'd have been more comfortable and considerably more likely to get some sleep whilst lying on the dance floor of a nightclub in full swing. Therefore forgive me if I come across as a little cranky. 

I appreciate that you are obliged to carry passengers of all ages, but I believe you  also owe a duty of care (and relative comfort) to all of your passengers. Frankly, based on the last 5 and a half hours of my life (which you have managed to make worse than any airline, extant or otherwise has ever managed to do - the infamous RyanAir included) I will never again willingly set foot on one of your Aircraft. Actually "aircraft" is somewhat misleading - although technically correct, this one is minuscule and entirely devoid of anything resembling comfort. A bit like stuffing a hamster inside a pringles can I should imagine.

Based on the last transatlantic flight I took, in 2007, this 'aircraft' is approximately 60% smaller, 160% more uncomfortable and 200% more expensive. I can tell you with 1000% certainty that a 757-200 is absolutely not big enough for six seats on a row, unless of course you are only transporting dwarves, midgets,leprechauns ,any other creatures (mythical or otherwise) under three feet tall or of course 5 year olds (which today would literally seem to be the case).

Here's a suggestion - if a party has more children than the Von Trapp family, perhaps you could seat them somewhere together, as far away from adult parties as is physically and politically possible. Please don't misunderstand - babies are not the issue and I've not personally met parents who have no interest in their babies. No, the complete apathy sets in between 5 and 10 years after the birth of the child. Don't get me wrong, not all parents are like that, but the ones sat behind me most certainly were.

Pretty much the only positives of the journey were that your stewards were rather good at waiting on people, coiuld microwave a rather tasty lasagna and I have not as yet expired from a dvt. Otherwise, my time on your "aircraft" which if I'm being honest is little more than a Pringles tube with wings, has been enough to put me off not only your airline, but any airline operated by an American - for good.

Perhaps you feel that the clue is in the name and being in economy, I should have no expectation of comfort - well, I'm sorry but $1300 is not economy - if I wished to be uncomfortable for hours on end, I'd book a couple flights on the cheapest and nastiest airline in existence (Ryanair) at least they don't pretend to be anything other than what they are.  As previously mentioned the plus appears to mean nothing but additional aggravation, discomfort and after 6 hours of it, extreme rage.

Also, your VT at the very beginning of the flight stated that every time I hear rhapsody in blue by Gershwin, I will think of united. Whilst partially true, I will mostly be thinking of discomfort, children kicking me in the back and stewards who are not prepared to intervene for the peace and mental health of the other passengers - in short I will think of the worst experience I have ever had with an airline and if that was your intention, then job well done. If it was not, I'd be most interested on what you're prepared to do about it.

I only wish that the flight was the only thing wrong with United (and indeed the first part of our trip) - Sadly it was only the beginning. When I and my partner arrived at Washingtnon Dulles, we spent approximately 45 minutes whilst whoever is responsible for such things tried to figure out how to get the doors of the aircraft open. Just a friendly word of advice - whoever was responsible for the debacle of our disembarking should be fired - immediately. Once we managed to exit the by then horrible and sweaty aircraft, we were given an unguided tour of the runways of the airport - the driver of the bus thing that was found to convey us to the terminal seemed to have no idea at all where it was that they needed to go, or for that matter where they were. Needless to say, one's connecting flight was missed and to cut a very long (4 hour) story short, we were told after standing up for 4 hours, that we would have to either pay for our own hotel or sleep in the airport (read floor).Again, just a bit of friendly advice - if you have an airport full of tired and angry passengers don't make them stand for 4 hours with no information at all - In a civilized country you treat your customers with respect, not contempt. The very least you could have done was to announce that passengers for X,Y and Z would have to catch a plane the following day. It would have been nice to have been put up in a hotel  (it was your incompetence after all that caused us to miss our flight. Your assertions that it was due to weather are, I am afraid, lies - pure and simple) but a hot drink and food voucher would have gone a long way to making us a bit more comfortable and a lot happier. Sadly, it's very clear that all United is concerned with is profit - they clearly care nothing about the hapiness or comfort of their passengers.