Three screwups in three days - way to go Amazon!

I would like to know when I might expect this order. When I ordered it, your web site stated that it would be delivered Sunday 14th as I have a (worthless it would seem) prime membership.
When the delivery was subsequently "estimated" for 15th, I was told by your customer service department that apparently I'd chosen "expedited" and not "1 day" delivery. Actually, expedited was the only option available to me, other than 2-day.

This is the third time I have had to complain about this order - it has failed, yet again, to turn up. Your lack of service is completely unacceptable. I am sick and tired of having to complain about orders I have placed with Amazon. I am sick and tired of the amateurs you call "Amazon Logistics" - they have no idea what they are doing, they do not know the local area, and I suspect although can not prove, only deliver when they can be bothered to. EVERY time for the last 6 months I have requested something be delivered to my home address, Amazon have failed to deliver the service I have paid for (1 day). I am tired of the extra months Prime membership that is occasionally offered as compensation. Even the £5 Amazon credit, whilst gratefully received, is totally inadequate as compensation - it requires me to place another order with you, only to receive the same terrible service (in all likelihood).

I have waited in, next to the front door ALL day, from 8am until now  because I was PROMISED that you would deliver my order today. My time is extremely valuable to me and those who employ me - £5 is an insult and barely covers the first 15 minutes of my time. The last time I was paid a day rate (or by the hour for that matter), my time was worth nearer the £300 mark - I don't expect that, but it serves to illustrate how inadequate your compensation has been to date.

Indeed, at this point, I really want my money back for the "prime" membership as there is nothing prime about it. At least when I pay for each delivery, you use proper couriers who know the area and actually take pride in their jobs. At least when I pay for each delivery, if it does not arrive on time, I get my money back. With Prime, all I get is failed deliveries, broken promises and extreme aggravation.
I know I could call you, but I'm tired of that too - all I get is a polite, but ultimately unhelpful person on the other end who claims to "understand" when they so clearly do not. The last individual I spoke to admitted she had no idea what to suggest - I can't say I blame her as your levels of service are so shockingly bad, even I am running out of ways of describing them. I am also quickly loosing patience with Amazon - As an example, where I would (prior to the awful prime membership) just have ordered something, I now will check a local retailer, and other on-line retailers for the item and if they are of a comparable price, I will avoid Amazon altogether as you have shown time and time again that you can't deliver on the promises you make. Most of the time I have to pay slightly more but it's worth it to get a service I can rely on.
If this order was for myself, I would be telling you not to bother and just get my money back. Unfortunately, it contains Christmas presents for my family and foolishly, I have trusted you to be able to make good on  your promises - instead, I have been lied to time and time again.
All I want is for my orders to be delivered when you say they will be delivered. Nothing more, nothing less. As it stands now, I have wasted my day off because of you and will now have to go through the unpleasantness of locating my order when your idiot couriers leave it at some random address - I am not being dramatic when I say this, you have done just that in the recent past. I can say with certainty however that I will not be around on Tuesday as, having taken my last remaining holiday to wait in for your non-existent delivery, I will be at work for the rest of the year.