Saturday is the new Sunday and everyone's a neighbour, at least according to Amazon.

Tags: Amazon, poor customer service

Mr. Amazon,

Please explain to me why I am paying good money for your 'prime' service which appears to be little more than an excuse for your logistics arm to screw up each and every delivery made to my home? 

Simply, there is nothing remotely prime about this service - it's beyond awful. At least when I had to pay for delivery, you'd refund this charge if you or your carriers failed to deliver on time. With your prime service, all I get (at best and only after pushing for it) is yet another month of your terrible Prime service.

The last delivery you attempted to make to my house was a disaster. It would seem that your delivery drivers have no idea what a door bell is and what it's used for and due to the fact I don't spend my entire life two inches away from the front door, they conveniently ignore my fully functional door bell, don't bother leaving a calling card and opt instead to go home - with my parcel. Only when I get in touch with your customer service department can I find out what's going on and re-arrange a delivery for Sunday.  You promtly ignore the fact I said I'd be unavailable on Saturday and proceed to attempt to deliver the parcel anyway. What part of Not available do you not understand? What part of Sunday do you not understand? Really, this is beyond stupid.

However, this delivery pales in comparison to the one before that - you delivered my parcel to the wrong number, three streets away and claimed it was left with a neighbour!. Now, I admit  I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that most people will not know their 'neighbours' who live three streets away. Even if the I  did in fact know everyone for a three street radius, when faced with no more information than the number '50' for an address, I would struggle to discover where you abandoned my parcel. You gave no details other than a Christian name and a number!

Here's an idea - instead of fannying about with drones, unmanned cars or any other forms of delivery vehicle more daft than the last, get your existing delivery arrangements to the level where they're acceptable. Nobody is interested in receiving a parcel from an unmanned drone when you can't even get a parcel delivered using technology that's as old as the postal service.