It's confirmed, Amazon Logistics are simplly the worst courier in existence.

Tags: poor customer service

How hard can it be to deliver an envelope to a clearly marked address? Even the Royal Mail can do that (most of the time).Yet again, Amazon Logistics have proven that they are incapable of delivering anything on-time, to the right address. I just received an email stating that my order had been delivered through my front door.

I found this email just a little surprising considering that I was sat only feet from said front door. Whilst I concede that it is not beyond the realms of possibility that I might have developed temporary deafness, or that the door bell might have temporarily have reached self awareness and decided, rather contritely, not to function at all before falling into a vegetative state again, I was not surprised to find upon checking that nothing had in fact been delivered. The doormat was as barren as before the email.

Of course, the most likely explanation is that the moron who was employed to deliver my order could not follow simple directions (or read for that matter) and has delivered my order to some other random street which has a house with the same number as mine.

To make matters worse, this time (it's not the first time for me that Amazon Logistics have failed miserably to deliver) I was offered no recompense whatsoever. At least last time this happened, I was offered another month of unbelievably bad service as a sweetner.

I think I want my money back for Amazon prime as it is a complete misnomer - there is nothing prime about it .

UPDATE : My suspicions were indeed correct. I received a knock on the door, not long after I posted this entry, from the delightful gentleman who owns the house with the same number, only a street over. Fairly understandably he was none too pleased it seemed to be playing postman again (this happens on a semi-regular basis as my household is quite fond of ordering things off the internet, whether it be random computer parts from Amazon, fancy coffee machines, or delicious meals from local (and not so local) takeaways, we do not like having to leave the house unless it's absolutely necessary - unless of course it's groceries as these seem to be picked to have the shortest shelf like possible and handled by people who may or may not have washed their hands(or any other part of their bodies for that matter)  in the last couple of weeks, but I digress.

I would be more sympathetic towards Amazon Logistics if the two streets in question were in any way alike (I do not count pavements, houses and room to drive a car). The fact of the matter is that one Street begins with the letter B and the other with the letter W.  Now I admit it's been a while since I did my ABC's but I think it's rather like riding a bike - your're not going to forget and these two letters are almost as far away from each other in the alphabet as it is physically possible to be.

Seriously Amazon  - Stop employing carriers that can not differentiate between letters of the alphabet.