Amazon - Really? A 75 year old man MUST show ID to prove he's over 18?

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To whoever decides Amazon's UK policies -

Recently I purchased several bottles of whisky from Amazon in your "Prime Day" sale. This is an action which I have come to deeply regret. Your performance regarding this order has been nothing short of terrible. Indeed the way your staff have handled this order and your subsequent introduction of your identification checking policy has given me cause to reconsider my commercial relationship with Amazon. 

I am no longer prepared to purchase sny items from Amazon that are labeled "age restricted" and will in every instance attempt to source the goods that I would have once bought from you without a second thought, elsewhere. I will only deal with Amazon if there is a significant disadvantage to my self by not doing so. It is clear that Amazon no longer has any interest in providing good customer service.

The way your driver treated my father in-law was not ony completely unacceptable but has put me in a difficult position and caused me a great deal of embarasment. The order in question was placed (by yourselves) before this policy was introduced. I was not made aware of this policy at the time of the order. If I had been made aware of it, I would likely have declined to proceed with the order. Either the person I spoke to was deceitful or ignorant - either of these is inexcusable.

As previously stated, the order was placed as part of your Prime Day promotion. The background to this order is as follows. The item was scheduled for delivery to my in-laws during the week commencing 15th July. Due to unforseen circumstances, I had to re-schedule the delivery for Saturday 20th July and due to further unforseen circumstances I had to change the delivery address to my home address which is a few miles away from the original delivery address.   On Saturday (20th July) I used the 'Track package' facility of your website and saw at about 1pm that I was next in line for delivery. I then waited, waited and saw that the driver was moving away from me. I immediately called customer services to ensure that the package was indeed going to be delivered as I have previously had trouble with your drivers and was lied to for the fist time that day - "the package will be delivered". Once the driver was clearly no longer in my area - several hours later - I called again and was again lied to and told that the package would be delivered. Again, I waited, for hours, until about 8pm when I called for the third time and was lied to yet again.  I had plans that I had to cancel in order to wait around and be lied to. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that your drivers can deliver at any time before 9pm and if it had indeed beren delivered that day as promised, I would not be writing this letter. Indeed, Non delivery is annoying but being lied to is enirely unacceptable.

The following morning I went onto the website to find that the order was "returning to sender" and that I was to be refunded. At no time had I expressed a desire for a refund. At no time was I informed that the package had been 'damaged'. I had to call your customer services for the fourth time to get this information.

 I do not appreciate being lied to. I have had to take the initiative at every turn to get the most basic of information (and three of the four calls disinformation). For all Amazon's technology, how is it that you have so spectacularly failed to deliver anything?

 Normally, if an organisation fails this spectacularly, I would immediately terminate any commercial relationship that exists. Amazon have, up until now, attempted to make their failures right - either by offering some small amount in compensation or a believalbe apology. In this instance however, neither of these have happened. Your appologies have not come across as sincere and your customer service department has actively refused to entertain compensation. 

 This is the reason that I do not intend to spend money with you if I can avoid it. I have averaged in excess of 15 orders a month with you which will in so far as is practical cease with immediate effect.

I require a response to this, from someone in authority. 

Specifically -

Why have I been lied to on so many occassions? (indeed at all). 

Why are you instructing your drivers to be so difficult? 

Why do you not employ drivers that are familiar with the local area? 

Why can I not specify a carrier that is more capable than your clearly incapable 'Amazon Delivery'. 

Why would anyone pay extra for 'Prime' when the only concequence of doing so is higher prices and failed delivery. 

Indeed where alcohol and other "age restricted" items are concerned - why should I purchase these from Amazon at all? Your requirement for ID on delivery is unecessary legaly, inconvenient and to those who are simply receiving the package as a favour, intrusive.  In fact, why stop at age restricted items. The recent computer game I was going to purchase from Amazon is pretty much the same price elsewhere (with free delivery) - sale lost. The belt I was going to purchase from you is actually cheaper on ebay (again with free delivery) - sale lost. 

I have been a loyal customer for over 17 years and could not feel less valued because of the way I have been treated. If you insist on treating your customers like dirt you won't have any left after a while. I have another 6 months left of Prime membership and unless things improve dramatically, I won't be renewing.